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Connections Quarter Page Advert - One Issue

The quater page Ad measures 4.25" x 5.5"

All Ads should include an additional 1/8" bleed.

Please note the deadlines for materials in the table below.

Completed materials should be submitted to Stephanie Quirini:  Phone:(518) 869-7867

Required Materials

Acceptable PC program formats for material are as follows:

a) Adobe PDF (preferred) set to print quality specifications

  • Fonts must be embedded
  • All images must be 300 dpi
  • Convert all RGB images to CMKY before creating the PDF file. If PDF is black and white, convert all images and text to grayscale.

b) TIFF file with a final size equal to ad size is acceptable.

  • The TIFF must have a resolution of at least 300

c) Illustrator files

  • Save Illustrator files as an EPS file.
  • All graphics used in the original file must be included
  • (TIFFs, embedded EPS, logos, etc.)
  • Fonts (embedded in EPS files and/or used in the docu- ment) must be converted to paths before the EPS file is created. This is especially important when sending a Mac file. Watch for hidden text when converting.
  • Convert PMS colors to CMYK (process color) and uncheck the the“spot color box'’

MS Word, MS Publisher and WordPerfect files are NOT accepted.




 Ad Due

 To Print


 1 Jan

 28 Jan


 18 Feb

 28 March


 22 April

 27 May


 24 June

 25 July


 26 Aug

 26 Sep


 21 Oct

 25 Nov

Price: $627

Choose one date per Ad ordered. Completed Ad must be received before deadline date for that issue.

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