How to Pay a Hospital Invoice

Posted By: Timothy Atkinson General,

If you are an account administrator for your hospital account you can pay annual membership dues for all your members in one transaction. To get this all setup please contact Sharlana Scott at

Once all is setup we will send you a statement listing all the dues renewal invoices and showing the total.  You can pay by calling our team at 518 869 7867 with your credit card number, by check, or online by following the directions below.

Paying Multiple Renewal Invoices Online

Step 1: Log into your own personal Member Compass.  

If you are setup as an admistrator on your account this will show an additional tab for "Company".  You can use this tab to update any information about your hospital.

To pay - select the tab that says "Pay Balance"

The full balance should match the statement we sent to you.

To pay the full balance, just enter your credit card details and click pay. You have completed the renewal process. Thank you for your support.


What it I want to look at details? Or pay for fewer members?

Just click on the button that says "Specific Invoices" and you will see a list of the invoices included. These invoice numbers and amounts will match the statement we sent you.

You can select any or all of the invoices and then enter credit card details

You can also click on a specific invoice and click on it to see the full details including the name of the member that the invoice is for.

You can also see the name of the member for an invoice by referring to the statement that we sent to you.